The 2nd Annual Furry Burque Film Festival features pet- and animal-themed short films from all over the world.  Genres include documentaries, comedies, dramas, horror, animation, and foreign language, and a different lineup of films will be screened each day.  The following films will be screened at 1 pm on Day 2 of the festival (Sunday, November 17th, 2019).  Approximate running time is 106 minutes.

ALWAYS IN MY HEART [documentary; Carol Burpeau, Florida, USA]:  The classic pet adoption theme of "who rescued who" is explored in the film ALWAYS IN MY HEART. Meet Ivy, a sad 7-year-old dog who was surrendered to the Humane Society by her elderly owner, and Carol, a 49-year-old cat owner going through a mid-life slump. Carol adopts Ivy and soon they are a dynamic duo. As adventure buddies they discover a renewed vigor for living; as rescue buddies they develop a thriving attitude towards life’s ups and downs. Together they inspire each other to live like winners in the game of life.

Always In My Heart

BLOODBREED [horror comedy; Shawn Chiesa, California, USA]:  A young woman moving into her new apartment befriends a lost pug who is eager for companionship... and much much more.... [Instagram]


DESERT FLIGHT [documentary; John Azoni & Samia Staehle, USA]:  An inside look at the only Olympic sport to involve male, female, and animal participants. The sport of show jumping relies on the unique relationship between horse and rider. In DESERT FLIGHT we see why people dedicate so much to the equestrian life.  [Website & Trailer | Facebook | Instagram]

Desert Flight

JOBY'S RUN [documentary; Guy Wilkinson & Mark Nye, California, USA]:  A man and his dog, newly transplanted to San Francisco, feel isolated in their new home until finding an unlikely solace in an old-fashioned urban oasis. 

Joby's Run

LAB DOG [drama; Noemi Durivou, California, USA]:  A laboratory assistant has a change of heart upon meeting Riley, a laboratory dog who is about to be experimented on. Now the question is whether to pursue his career or whether to save the dog.  [Instagram | Twitter]

Lab Dog

LITTER MUST BE JUST RIGHT [comedy; Sue Jimenez, New Mexico, USA]:  Shadow, the cat, is extremely fastidious about his litter box and makes sure that the litter is arranged according to his preferences.  [Website]

Litter Must Be Just Right

THE MATT DAMIEN STORY [comedy/mockumentary; Christine Davis & Matthew Davis, Pennsylvania, USA]:  A hard-hitting mockumentary about a defamed horror movie music composer.

The Matt Damien Story

NUTZ & BOLTS [comedy; Sam Avery, New York, USA]:  One pesky squirrel may finally bring Mr. Nutz to his knees....   After proudly hanging his brand new bird feeder in the backyard, Mr. Harold Nutz is harassed endlessly by an obnoxious squirrel who wreaks havoc and then bolts! Determined to stop this squirrel, Harold goes to extreme measures to end this madness.  [Website]

Nutz & Bolts

RENZO ON TUESDAY [documentary; Ginger Tull, New Mexico, USA]:  A typical day in the life of an atypical dog, Renzo the Italian Spinone.  [Facebook]

Renzo On Tuesday