Local shelters and rescue groups are full of adoptable cats and dogs -- all sizes, ages, and breeds -- in need of permanent, loving homes. Please visit Petfinder.com to search online for available adoptable pets in your area. Adopt, don't shop! 

As unwavering supporters of animal rescue and pet adoption, we do our part at Boofy's by fostering adoptable pets in-store as well as regularly hosting pet adoption events.  Scroll down to see the adoptable pets currently in residence at Boofy's.  Visit our EVENTS page to view upcoming adoption clinics and other pet-related events we are hosting. 


At Boofy's we like to help cats and kittens finish their days of being homeless. By partnering with organizations such as F.A.T. Katz and Second Chance Animal Rescue, we provide a loving foster home where felines can develop their minds and bodies while waiting to meet their forever families.  Students in the program learn such valuable skills as proper feline nutrition, creative problem solving, basic science, melodramatic reactions, canine management, how to slay a peacock feather, MMA fighting techniques, and kitty yoga. 

Here are the adoptable cats currently in residence at Boofy's Feline Finishing School!  Stop by anytime during regular store hours to meet them. Interested in adopting? Download an adoption application here

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PAISLEY (spayed female torbie cat, 2 years old) ended up at the Valencia County Animal Shelter as a very pregnant mom-to-be before being quickly rescued by F.A.T. Katz.  She arrived at Boofy's Feline Finishing School on April 26th and gave birth to 4 healthy babies a few hours later:  TORMUND McANGUS (orange tabby boy), MS. POE (light torbie girl), MAGENTA (dark tortie girl), and NANDO (grey tabby boy).  Several days later, Paisley accepted two foundling newborn kittens into her litter.  Sadly, one of the babies (EDDY) didn't make it, but PATSY (lynx-point Siamese) has survived and thrived with her adoptive family. 

Luigi attended Boofy's Feline Finishing School and was adopted from F.A.T. Katz in August 2018! Look at him run on his exercise wheel! 



Sometimes when you stop by Boofy's you may find a canine visitor hanging out with us.  No, we don't offer boarding services, but we do serve as a temporary foster for our animal rescue partners. 

Foster homes are the backbone of animal rescue, and we encourage you to become a foster for one of the many animal shelters and rescues in our area.  In addition to providing love, care, and socialization, foster homes provide TIME for adoptable pets to find their forever families.  Simply put, fostering saves lives.