Let the experts at Boofy’s Best for Pets help you choose foods, treats, and natural supplements that are right for YOUR pet!


  1. “You are what you eat” is even more true for dogs and cats than it is for people.  A better diet creates a healthier pet and a reduction in long-term health costs.
  2. Improved digestion of ingredients means you can feed a little less, and your pets produce less gas and less waste material.
  3. Replacing non-nutritious fillers with better proteins and fats and slower-acting carbohydrates will provide your dog or cat with better energy supplies, help them feel full longer, and help them achieve a healthier weight.
  4. Removing common allergens from food produces healthier skin – no biting and scratching, no hot spots, less dandruff, more resistance to insects.
  5. Eliminating the constant irritation of dry, itchy skin or gastrointestinal upset can help your dog or cat feel better, often leading to better behavior.

Your pets will love the foods we carry. We guarantee it!

What you won’t find in our foods:

  • Wheat, wheat flour, wheat gluten, or other wheat ingredients
  • Corn, corn gluten, corn meal, or other corn ingredients
  • Artificial preservatives or food colorings
  • Meat by-products, unnamed meats, or 4D meats
  • Animal digest

  • What you will find in our foods:

    • Only ingredients that are fit for human consumption
    • Only named fresh meats or named meat meals
    • Wholesome vegetables, fruits, or grains
    • Many grain-free selections
    • Some high-protein, low-carbohydrate selections
    • All-natural goodness!

    Are you paying too much for poor-quality pet foods?

    Many mass-marketed pet foods serve as a dumping ground for leftovers of human food manufacturing.  Ingredients such as corn gluten meal, meat by-products, and animal digest are just a few examples of the indigestible wastes and condemned parts that make up low-quality pet foods.  And yet, many of these inferior foods cost just as much as the all-natural pet foods Boofy’s Best for Pets carries.  Let us help you find better foods and natural supplements that are right for the health and longevity of your dog or cat!