$5 Off BoxiePro Cat Litter, 16 lb. Bags

Deal Info:

  • Start: January 14, 2019
  • End: February 28, 2019
  • Odor control x 10! BoxiePro Deep Clean clumping clay litter uses natural probiotics to eliminate 100% of the bacteria from the litter box. By wiping out harmful bacteria and odors in the litter box, BoxiePro keeps your cat and home cleaner and healthier. Plus, BoxiePro's Flat Top™ clumps form instantly on the top of the litter box, rather than soaking to the bottom, making it easy to scoop and keeping the litter box ultra-clean throughout use. BoxiePro achieves incredibly low dust levels with an advanced dust suppression process. It eliminates ammonia odors and is hypoallergenic. ($5 off offer is available to new BoxiePro customers only. Customer must be enrolled in Boofy's Astro Loyalty Program. Sign up free in-store!)