Cold winter weather means lots of dry noses and cracked paws for the pups, but excellent paw protection products are available to help.  Moisturizing healing creams made with pet-friendly ingredients can be applied once or twice daily (or as needed) to prevent snouts and pads from getting overly dry, inflamed, or infected.  Not only are such creams safe if licked off by your pet, you can use these products on your own dry hands, feet, and elbows with excellent results.

Dr. Harvey’s Organic Healing Cream is a blend of organic shea butter and herbal extracts that protects the skin while healing cracks and minor abrasions.  Keep a jar in your pet’s first aid kit to help heal hot spots, cuts, or other minor skin injuries too.  Cain & Able’s Paw Rub combines coconut oil with several other plant-based oils and butters for a soothing balm that locks moisture inside skin without the use of petroleum.

Don’t forget to support your pet’s skin health nutritionally from the inside by adding a high-quality fish oil supplement to food daily.  The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil support cell membrane integrity, and strong cell membranes are needed to maintain the moisture content of cells and tissues.  Our preferred fish oil brands for pets are Nordic Naturals and Iceland Pure.  Both are distilled to high levels of purity to remove environmental toxins and reduce odor.

For physical protection against the cold, heat, or rough terrain, get your pet a set of Dog Mocs. Made in the USA of natural deerskin leather, Dog Mocs are durable, flexible, and comfortable, and they look great too.  They’re warm during the winter, breathable during the summer, and an excellent barrier against the elements.  (Discounts are available for active military and law enforcement personnel looking to outfit their dogs with nature’s best paw protection!)